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Featured Product

Lotus Pottery decorative pot.


Featured Product

St Agnes, Cornish Studio Pottery blue, pink & purple vase.


Featured Product

Babbacombe Pottery Cockerell


Featured Product

Moulin Huet Floral Vase.



Hello! And a warm welcome, thankyou for taking the time to visit. We are a new venture, and over time will be offering a wide range of early/late twenteith century and modern studio/general pottery from all over Briton. We are located in West End, Redruth Cornwall. As a valued customer you can buy with confidence and are guaranteed top quality items. Once again thankyou for your visit and valuable time, feel free to browse and enjoy.

My favourite pottery is the Crowan Studio, once owned by Fred & May Davis at Praze-an-Beeble near Camborne in Cornwall, sadly the studio closed in 1962.

A brief history of pottery

Pottery is one of the oldest human crafts in history and has been developed over tens of thousands years by different civilizations across the world. The manufacturing of pottery wares consists of working with various types of ceramic materials to create useful objects for everyday use like bowls, cups or large pots. The people who practice this technique give many years of their lives to developing their skill, which in time transforms to a form of art. Through daily practice and the study of different materials and styles, they become masters of this craft and gain worldwide recognition as well as a symbolic bond with the past generations of pottery makers.

Fun facts about pottery

The oldest forms of pottery are as old as 10,000 years and they mark the evolution of nomadic people towards a sedentary society. It was around the time when humans started to store their food and the first agricultural produce which they encountered. Baskets were no longer a proper solution to stocking grains or fruits, so many started manufacturing recipients out of molded clay and other ceramic materials. Some of these ancient pots have survived the test of time and they can still be admired in museums and art galleries. A visit to one of these exhibitions might cost you more than a night spent on http://www.camplace.com, but it will reward you with an important history lesson that you can later share with the beautiful ladies that you can find on these adult websites.

The major breakthrough in the history of pottery has been made with the discovery of the pottery wheel. It is still unknown where this device was first conceived, but its development and usage was widely spread across Europe, Asia and North Africa during the ancient times. The Greeks were known to be masters of this craft and their cultural heritage can be traced to the magnificent pieces of pottery that are still subject of trade even today. You can even find other enthusiasts of this art on Live Sex Chat, where many adults come to share their hobbies and passions for this ancient craft.

The Native Americans have a long history of pottery making as well, though their products have failed to capture the smooth decorative art style of the Old World. It seems that they only produced pots and pans with the sole purpose of storing goods and not to impress their guests, as it was customary for the Greeks, the Egyptians or even the Chinese. However, their historical value is just as precious and you can find that many people trade them on Live Sex Chat for hefty prices. Adults do not visit these websites only to flirt with strangers; they also do it to find potential customers for their collections of ancient pots.

Nowadays, pottery has evolved to industrial production and it is hard to find unique products manufactured by skilled masters. If you are looking to meet some of the few artisans that still practice this ancient technique, than you should try Live Sex Chat websites for some spectacular deals. Here, you can discover rare experiences and meet new people that share your hobby.


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